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(Wo)Man Up!: Take it as it is or don’t take it at all

June 8th, 2012 No comments

Some things just shouldn’t be fucked with. But some people just can’t leave well enough alone and have to proceed to put “their spin” on something until they end up with a New & Improved bullshit version of a product that had no need of becoming either. Any of my closest friends, all two of them, will tell you that I am a fan of ingenuity and invention, but only when it’s needed, not in the name of tailoring a product to every Tom, Dick, and dumbshit Harry. Normally, I try to reserve criticism of anything that doesn’t directly affect me, not because I want to present an aire of tolerance, but typically because I’m too lazy to argue about something I could give two shits about. However, on a recent trip to my local Fine Spirit Emporium (aka the liquor store), I was shocked speechless for the better part of five minutes when I encountered a travesty in the whiskey isle. I speak, of course, of Jack Daniel’s Honey. Rant On!