Welcome to RabidPossum’s Soapbox, an otherwise quiet, shady corner of the internet where myself and like-minded cohorts can gather to occasionally share our collective outrage at the inanities of the world around us.  The articles posted on RabidPossum’s Soapbox are intended for entertainment purposes, which isn’t to say that they may not, on occasion, contain a kernel or two of genuine insight (whether accidentally or intentionally), but those will almost inevitably be suffocated under a dense blanket of satirical prose.

While our writing isn’t necessarily meant to offend, it’s inevitable that offense will be taken, as there’s no shortage of hyper-sensitive pansies in this world or people who lack an appropriate understanding (or more importantly, appreciation) of the basic tenets of sarcasm or parody.  Suffice it to say that our content is best consumed with a grain or shaker of salt, but those who have overly delicate sensibilities probably shouldn’t be wandering this far into the wilderness of the internet un-chaperoned and would be advised to return to the safety of their Facebook games and pictures of their friends’ kids or pets.

Likewise, our content will probably not be of interest to anyone who takes themselves too seriously, as this sort is often characterized by both a lack of imagination and humor.  These are usually the self-important assholes you have to deal with at work, who speak only in meaningless corporate gibberish and are constantly nodding anytime someone senior is speaking in the same room (everyone knows at least one).  This sort would be better served by returning to whatever fluff the hacks at the Wall Street Journal are passing off as news or whichever trite leadership book their corporate idol has promised is their “key to success”.

And finally, the source of a great deal of interpersonal conflict that arises between individuals is either a lack of tolerance or a sense of humor, and while tolerance is something that can be swayed (however unlikely), the sense of humor, unfortunately, cannot, and, much like the herds of self-delusional bastards queued up at an American Idol audition, while almost everyone believes they have a sense of humor, most of them actually don’t.  Sadly, this lot will be similarly offended or outright bewildered at much of the content posted here, so if you’ve ever laughed aloud at an episode of “Two and a Half Men”, then, regrettably, this site is not for you (fortunately, there’s still an entire world of entertainment targeted specifically at you).

Assuming you’ve passed the preceding criteria, then welcome to my site.  Make yourself at home and feel free to look about or leave a comment, so long as you’re not trying to sell counterfeit Prada wallets or Viagra or arbitrarily being a dick.

At the end of the day, we don’t write any of this because we think we’re especially clever or because we’re trying to recruit an army of malcontent disciples.  We write these articles because we like to write and because we’re generally pretty damned cranky, and even if I never have the imagination to write about something original, at least I’ll never run out of things to bitch about.